Friday, May 31, 2013

Kettrikes for Your Very Little Ones

Do you have little ones who love to ride, but just aren't big enough for a regular tricycle yet?  Designed for toddler age through five year old children, these Kettler brand tricycles could be just what your little one needs.

Kettrike Junior Tricycle

They are built with a supporting backrest to help keep your child steady, and have a low center of gravity to keep spills to a minimum.

If your toddler can't pedal yet, you can get a tricycle with a push bar, as can be seen here:

Teach you little one to pedal with this push bar!

 The back is contoured to help young backs grow straight and strong, and are made with maximum comfort in mind.  You can get them in girl colors too!

What little girl doesn't love pink?

All of these tricycles come with a dump bucket, and are made with the high standards of quality you expect from our products.  Kettler products are made in Germany, and they all comply with their stringent safety standards as well as with the Kyoto Environmental Protocol.   They are built to last, and can be used from one generation to the next!

 Get your little one riding today!

Kettrike Junior

Kettrike Kalista

Kettrike Oceana

Don't forget to take a look at the accessories for Kettrikes!

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