Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Wagons for Christmas!

Final chance to get a Christmas wagon!  Why not take a look through our selection of wagons and toys for the perfect gift for that special person on your list.

You can choose from:

Wagons of every size and color:

Tricycles for all ages:

Ride on toys and tractors:

And much more!

Looks to me that Christmas shopping just got a whole lot easier.

Take a look through the store today!  Merry Christmas!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Fall is Here! Time to Get a Wagon!

Autumn has officially arrived, and with it comes leaf raking and bonfires.  What could be better than a sturdy Amish-made wooden wagon for hauling away all those leaves and wood?

At DurableToys we have a variety of wagons to suit your every need!

 We have standard size wooden wagons:

Speedway Express Beach Wagon

If you would rather have a plastic wagon we have that too:

Hochstetler Plastic Wagon
Perhaps you are doing some heavy-duty work and need something a little bigger and tougher:
The Berlin LoadMaster can do the job!


If you don't want to have to unload by had, we've got you covered!  How about a wagon that dumps?
Speedway Express Aluminum Utility Wagon


Imagine how much work that will save!

Don't see what you want here?  Go to the store website and take a look at the variety of wagons we offer!  From very small to large and eight -wheeled, we have something for whatever you need.

Speedway Express Aluminum Utility Wagon with Dumping Feature

Berlin Loadmaster -- F600

Hochstetler-Plastic Beach Wagon

Speedway Express Beach Wagon-Series 858

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

More About Wagons

Whether  you already have an Amish-made wooden wagon or are still thinking about purchasing one, there are a variety of accessory options that you can choose from depending on your need.
One of these options is hand-operated brake that can increase safety for young riders. It is easy to reach, and works simply by pulling the handle up. 

It doesn't have to be a pony.  It could be a donkey, goat, large dog, or even a sheep!

And if you combine the brake with our dog and pony shafts, you can have a horse-drawn cart with the added security of the brake.

Need to keep acive toddlers contained for a ride?  These high racks might just do the trick!

Perhaps you would like a tractor hitch? We have those too!

Take a look at our website for more great products!


Speedway Express Tractor Hitch

Speedway Express High Racks

Speedway Express Tractor Hitch Handle Combination

Valley Road Wagons Dog-or-Goat-Shafts


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Wagon Accessories

Already have an Amish-made wooden wagon, but thinking about how to make it even more kid-friendly?  DurableToys has a variety of products for that very purpose.   Need seats and seat belts?
The Valley Road 1300 model can be fitted with these clever, comfortable, and classy wooden wagon seats.

Get one set or two!

 Perhaps you need something to keep the sun off when taking the kids for a stroll?  Or something to add a pioneer touch to your wagon?  DurableToys has three types of accessories for that very purpose!  Two are shown below:

The Speedway Constego Cover
And the Valley Road Surry Top--notice the cooler rack too!

Speaking of cooler racks...It sure is a handy way of packing your picnic!
Valley Road Cooler Carrier

 Want something softer and more colorful than a wooden seat?  We now carry cushions that are super comfy and come in a variey of colors and patterns.
Take a look at our selection! 

Take a look at our store website for these and all of our other accessories!


Monday, April 28, 2014

Think Spring!

Spring is here, and with those lovely Spring days comes outdoor work that needs wagons!  Cleaning up sticks, preparing the garden, planting flowers...And what could be better than a wagon to carry your equipment with you!

Putting down mulch in your flower garden?  The Speedway Express Aluminum Wagon has a dumping feature that makes mulching  so much easier.  And since it is aluminum, it is easy to clean!  It can carry up to a thousand pounds, so it can also be used to haul feed, firewood, produce, and anything else you can fit into its 24 X 48 X 10 bed!

Perhaps you are planting flowers and just need something to save you some bending.  The Hostetler Plastic Beach Wagon might be just the thing! At 23 X 46 inches, it is edeal for carrying flowers, trowels, and soil, and the plastic body clean up easily.  Not only that, but it comes in a variey of colors!


Need a basic wooden wagon with a classic feel?  DurableToys carries a variety of those, and just an example is the Speedway Express Series 300.  This is a multi-purpose 20 x 40 wagon with 10 inch air tires for easy hauling.  Like the Hostetlwer wagon, there are a variety of color options for you to choose from.


These are just a few examples of the variey of sizes and types of wagon that DurableToys carries.  Check out our website today!

Hochstetler Dumping Wagon

Speedway Express Series 330

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

February Special!

The DurableToys.com January sale has been extended into February for the early birds who are ordering their Amish Beach Wagons and other items before the spring rush starts in the South and works north.  Use this coupon code for $10 off your order total at checkout: FebSale

See more at www.DurableToys.com.

Monday, January 20, 2014

January Specials at DurableToys!

We have two specials running at DurableToys for the month of January.  First is our store-wide $10.00 coupon that you can apply to any purchase.  We are also focusing on our KETTLER brand items.  These items below are all available for sale on our regular pages, but if you buy them through our Adoption Support page or through the links below, we will issue a coupon for $25.00 off of your next purchase.  Many more items are also available on our regular KETTLER page.

Kettrike Oceana

Kettrike Junior

Kettrike Happy Navigator

Kettrike Happy Air Navigator

Kettler Flipper Child Bike Seat

For more information, see our website at www.DurableToys.com!