Friday, August 30, 2013

More Farm Tractors

In addition to the tractors featured in the last post, DurableToys also carries several other brands of tractors.

Take a look to see what some of our other options are:

More frontloaders:

The Massey Ferguson FarmTrac with front loader and air tires.

New Holland FarmTrac with Frontloader
 More tractors:

Fendt FarmTrac Vario
Massey Ferguson FarmTrac

More options for young kids:

Massey Ferguson Kid Tractor with trailer

Browse through our extensive collection today!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Farm Tractors for Kids!

We have a variety of new toy farm tractors for your kids!

Kettler, one of our major suppliers, recently added several product lines, one of which is the rolly© Case line.  We have three Case products, including the Case MiniTrac, designed for children age 1-3, who cannot yet pedal.

Perfect for your little one just learning to ride!

 It has an indented side to allow ample knee clearance, and is designed to be scooted around by young children who just can't wait to drive!

The FarmTrac Puma is a big, realistic tractor for kids ages 3-8.  With heavy duty wheels, an adjustable seat, and lifting hood, your child will be ready to work!
Now there's a tractor for some serious yard work.

 If you have a kid who just loves construction, you can add a front loader that will get him started on his own project!
Makes you kind of want one for yourself....
Take a look at these and similar products here:

Kettler - Case MiniTrac

Kettler - Case FarmTrac Puma Tractor

Kettler- Case FarmTrac Puma with Front Loader

Monday, August 19, 2013

New Wagon Accessories!

There are some fun new wagon accessories at DurableToys! 

Remember those pink wagons?  If you thought that was cute, take a look at our newest color:

All your little girl needs now is a princess costume!
Valley Road Wagons now carries lavender racks, so if you are just not into pink, you can still get something girly.

Also new is that cushion you see in the wagon.  These are soft and comfortable, and and you can choose from a variety of fabric choices to match your wagon.




How's that for fun and colorful!

You can find the cushions at:

Valley Road Tri-fold Cushion