Friday, June 10, 2016

More About Wagons

Whether  you already have an Amish-made wooden wagon or are still thinking about purchasing one, there are a variety of accessory options that you can choose from depending on your need.

One of these options is hand-operated brake that can increase safety for young riders. It is easy to reach, and works simply by pulling the handle up. 

It doesn't have to be a pony.  It could be a donkey, goat, large dog, or even a sheep!

And if you combine the brake with our dog and pony shafts, you can have a horse-drawn cart with the added security of the brake.

Need to keep acive toddlers contained for a ride?  These high racks might just do the trick!

Perhaps you would like a tractor hitch? We have those too!

Take a look at our website for more great products!

Speedway Express Tractor Hitch

Speedway Express High Racks

Speedway Express Tractor Hitch Handle Combination

Valley Road Wagons Dog-or-Goat-Shafts