Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Wagon Accessories

Already have an Amish-made wooden wagon, but thinking about how to make it even more kid-friendly?  DurableToys has a variety of products for that very purpose.   Need seats and seat belts?
The Valley Road 1300 model can be fitted with these clever, comfortable, and classy wooden wagon seats.

Get one set or two!

 Perhaps you need something to keep the sun off when taking the kids for a stroll?  Or something to add a pioneer touch to your wagon?  DurableToys has three types of accessories for that very purpose!  Two are shown below:

The Speedway Constego Cover
And the Valley Road Surry Top--notice the cooler rack too!

Speaking of cooler racks...It sure is a handy way of packing your picnic!
Valley Road Cooler Carrier

 Want something softer and more colorful than a wooden seat?  We now carry cushions that are super comfy and come in a variey of colors and patterns.
Take a look at our selection! 

Take a look at our store website for these and all of our other accessories!


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