Thursday, April 28, 2016

Think Spring!

Spring is here, and with those lovely Spring days comes outdoor work that needs wagons!  Cleaning up sticks, preparing the garden, planting flowers...And what could be better than a wagon to carry your equipment with you!

Putting down mulch in your flower garden?  The Speedway Express Aluminum Wagon has a dumping feature that makes mulching  so much easier.  And since it is aluminum, it is easy to clean!  It can carry up to a thousand pounds, so it can also be used to haul feed, firewood, produce, and anything else you can fit into its 24 X 48 X 10 bed!

Perhaps you are planting flowers and just need something to save you some bending.  The Hostetler Plastic Beach Wagon might be just the thing! At 23 X 46 inches, it is edeal for carrying flowers, trowels, and soil, and the plastic body clean up easily.  Not only that, but it comes in a variey of colors!

Need a basic wooden wagon with a classic feel?  DurableToys carries a variety of those, and just an example is the Speedway Express Series 300.  This is a multi-purpose 20 x 40 wagon with 10 inch air tires for easy hauling.  Like the Hostetlwer wagon, there are a variety of color options for you to choose from.

These are just a few examples of the variey of sizes and types of wagon that DurableToys carries.  Check out our website today!

Hochstetler Dumping Wagon

Speedway Express Series 330

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