Thursday, April 18, 2013

Berlin Flyer Wagons at Durable Toys

Are you looking for a really heavy-duty wagon to do some serious hauling?  An Amish made Berlin wooden wagon might be just what you need.

The Berlin Loadmaster Wooden Wagon is the largest Berlin model

These are some of our toughest wagons, designed to stand up to heavy loads and off-road work.  The Amish craftsmen at Berlin Wagons fit them with racks sturdy enough to support your load, and with no-tip steering to make sure you don't lose it while you haul it around!

Berlin Express with No Flat Tires

The Express wagon even comes in two models, one with traditional tires:

And one with plastic, no flat tires:

The Berlin Wagon Models come in a variety of size and tire combinations, so take a look and see what is best suited to your hauling needs:

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