Monday, February 25, 2013

Roller Racers for Rolling Races!

Be the first to get the the Roller Racer, and watch all your neighbors get them too!  This unique toy was designed by a retired Boeing engineer for his grandson, and is exceptional for its safety and speed.

Amusement Park Model Roller Racer

This toy is propelled by rapidly oscillating the handlebars, so no pedaling, motors, or batteries required!  The center of gravity on the Roller Racer is low, and there are no hard edges, making it one of the safest ride-on toys available.  But it is fast!  The wheels are designed for any hard surface, and will not damage hardwood floors. 

Roller Racers are popular at amusement parks and daycares, and they should be!  Kids from 3-12 love them, and and the Sport Model can carry up to 200 pounds.  

Sport Model Roller Racer

Roller Racers can be used for obstacle courses, races, and even playing bumper cars.  They are that safe!

But what really sets the Roller Racer apart is its easy adaptability for special-needs children who might not be able to ride a tricycle.   The Exer-Rider Model comes equipped with a seatbelt and footstraps, as well as having a back-supporting seat.  This model was designed by a pediatric physical therapist, and can be used by children with a variety of diagnoses.  Of course, be sure to consult your child's doctor before purchasing.

Exer-Rider Model Roller Racer
 By your child his very own Roller Racer today, and watch him smile as he rolls away!

Sport Model Roller Racer

Flying Turtle

Amusement Park Model

Exer-Rider Model

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